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Teaching Autistic Children
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Empowerment- this one word is our message about Autism. We chronicle our experiences with Autism and Autism treatment to provide you with an example of what CAN be done and how WE have done it. We recognize that no one solution is right for every child with Autism, but several Autism treatments have been proven to be more effective than others for a child with Autism. The path to recovery from Autism is knowledge, empowerment, action and success. Toward this end, we share with you our experiences with Autism.
"Autism is..."
a brain disorder that typically affects your child's ability to communicate, form relationships with others, and respond appropriately to the environment.

  "You Are What You Eat!"
Diet is a common area of investigation recently as many parents of children with Autism continue to report similar problems with their children's bowel movements and digestion.



"Teaching Concepts in ABA"
What is Autism? What is ABA? What is Prompting? What is DTT? How can these concepts help you?
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"Show Me The Resources!"
The most important resources you will find for Autism are the parents who have experience running In-Home programs. You will also find invaluable ABA professionals, books, tapes and conferences related to Autism.


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