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Concepts of ABA and Autism Treatment

Concepts of ABA and Autism Treatment Minimize
  1. "What is ABA?"- ABA stands for "Applied Behavior Analysis".
  2. "What is a Discrete Trial?"- The ABC's
  3. " What is Prompting?"- We all need a little push in the right direction now and then.
  4. " What is Reinforcement?"- Positive feedback for desired behaviors.
  5. "What is Differential Reinforcement?"- different levels of feedback for different responses.
  6. "What is a Proper Correction Procedure?"- Negative forms of feedback are no longer used by most practitioners.  Correction of undesired behavior is achieved by other means.
  7. "How do I deal with Non-Compliance or Negative Behaviors?"-  To the extent possible, reward positive behavior and ignore negative behavior.
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